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The navigator's memory includes more than 50 most interesting places in Corfu, including routes to all monasteries, popular beaches, Ahileon and taverns with panoramic views of the island!
7 EURза 1 дней
Pocket Wi-Fi - 4G. include 5,5 GB internet
49.5 EURза 1 дней
Baby seat (1-4 year)
1.5 EURfor day
Booster (4-6 years)
1.5 EURfor day
Infant seat (0-12 month)
1.5 EURfor day
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0 EUR + 20 EUR за выдачу в нерабочее время

including all further options
and UltraFull insurance

Pay in arrivals
Greece, island Corfu, airport
Office time: 8:30-23:00
Give and return a car: 24/7
Technical support 24/7
in English, Greek or Russian!
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